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Message Subject Everbody Please Sign The Petition To Demand Obama's Resignation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
and replace him with what? all our chess pieces are corrupt left and right. He doesn't need to be replaced, the system needs to be replaced which means none of the current gen dems or repubs are qualified. What we need is more of these whistleblowers, because then these guys can't show up to work as normal because the cat's out of the bag. Impeachment is laughable and changes nothing.
 Quoting: Keeper of Light

I know.
But sign the petition anyways and send them a damn message.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41377972

No thanks, it's not a real participation in any real solution. What you may get is your name in a database though as a future homeland combatant enemy of the state.

 Quoting: Keeper of Light

If you post on GLP, then you're already in a database.

And this is why nothing ever changes, because people, like the posters on this forum, are too cowardly to actually do anything...like sign a fucking petition, which is like the least you could do.

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