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Vaccines: Fun with VAERS, or How to Dumpster Dive with the Anti-Vaccinationists

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06/10/2013 03:30 PM
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Vaccines: Fun with VAERS, or How to Dumpster Dive with the Anti-Vaccinationists
Good day.

I thought it may be enlightening to some to see what the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System - VAERS looks like.
It is referenced by the anti-vaccinationists quite often as some kind of evidence for the evil dangers of vaccines.

Let us see just what it shows, shall we?

Let's look at the eeevyil Gardasil HPV4 vaccine for deaths reported since 01/01/2012 through 07/31/2013.
We'll even use the NVIC anti-vaccination site's portal to the VAERS database.
Go to this url:
[link to www.medalerts.org]

Leave everything at defaults except those listed below:

Go to section 3 and highlight the
HPV4 (Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalen [Gardasil])
entry. It should appear in the "Currently Selected:" box on the right.

Go to section 4 and make the option for the category
"Died?" = Yes

Go to section 6 and change the settings for the category
"Date submitted to VAERS"
so that the
"From:" reads "2012" and "Entire Year"
and the
"To:" reads "2013" and "July"

Now click the button labelled "Find" on the right of the blue bar for section 6.
(Actually any of the "Find" buttons will work.)

A new tab will open with the results.

The header should read,
"Found 21 events where Vaccine is HPV4 and Patient Died and Submission Date from '2012-01-01' to '2013-07-31'"
and be followed by the reports.
I will run through the reports and you can follow along and laugh with me.
I am not laughing at the real deaths that occurred, just the phony deaths reported by the anti-vaccine liars.

I will split this OP into a few posts for convenience.

*edited on 06/21/2013 to reflect the updated VAERS webpage.

Last Edited by Reality420 on 06/21/2013 05:10 PM
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