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06/10/2013 07:02 PM
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Teachings of The Pythagorean Illuminati - The Aspects And Core points of Illumination
Posted by Nexion Illuminatus (NWI) on June 6, 2013 at 10:45am

The basis of the philosophical work of the Illuminati is in developing a high awareness and a link with the Divine Element of The Architect. In this work the student is taught constructive idea, thought and action,which can be guided or directed by the student, which is based on the Blueprint of the Universe.

Tenets of Belief:

The following nine tenets illustrate the basic requirements for the student to adhere to in order to have a common bond and open themselves up to Illumination:

1. Belief in a Supreme Deity, which holds the Reality Construct of' your' personal spirituality and reflects your Gnosis. This allows the student to draw on a personal and recognizable God-spark, which is individual to them, and reflects their Will. This is important, in that with this approach we are able to cover aspects of all religions and philosophies and have something to offer all peoples.

2. We refer to this God-power, Supreme Being, Creator as THE ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE. The Architect is a compilation of all the forces in the Universe and is neither good nor evil, but absolute.

3. We believe in forgiveness of our fellow man and will not bear grudges, defamation of character, slander, or hurt of any kind to any fellow human. But, in those instances where a human has been wrongfully attacked, (ie. slandered, defamed, etc. by people who wish to step on others etc.) we will search out and seek the truth and provide a gentle lesson for the attackers to experience so they can realize the errors of their ways.

4. We believe that Balance lies within each of us as Order-Chaos,reflected in our own Reality Construct from our personal and individual experiences. We do not believe that Balance lies within the sexes, as this creates ideas of supremacy, and has been said, we believe that the Balance lies within each and every human being, not outside of us.

5. We believe that there exists a conflict between Good and Evil forces which is responsible for man's downfall, or his enlightenment, and we fight for all good regardless of person, religion, race or creed

6. We believe in righting all wrongs perpetrated against any innocent victim, by attackers who are motivated by ego, lust for power or the propagation of False Spirituality. And fight all who would hurt others inorder to strengthen their False Spirituality at the expense of tearing down another's True Spiritual pursuits.

7. We do not use our powers of spirituality for political or supremacy ends, but recognize each individual's freedom to pursue his own Gnosis so long as it does not hurt another or the development of mankind's spiritual awakening.

8. We cast NO stones at others before examining our own faults.

9. We accept all peoples for membership regardless of age, sex, race,religion or philosophy. NOTE: The exception to the rule here is that if a person worships a proven evil deity, belongs to a political party which rejects freedom, or lives by a selfish philosophy, is a racist or supremist. In the document entitled "Notations of Illuminati Thought", Weishaupt extolls the concepts of Illumination in a very simplistic manner to secure the attention of the student.

The falsely illuminated man is merely deluded that he has obtained his goals. He is told through bad council and bad advisors that he only need look to them (the falsely illuminated), then he is convinced by them, that he has achieved illumination. An example here, are those secret societies which rely on hashish and opium to achieve their illumination.(Peterson's notation re. hashish and opium)

THE RULE - You [will] know True Illumination, when you have learned' wisdom'. You are falsely illuminated when you are merely 'told' by others that you have wisdom, and you know you 'have not' worked for it. Truly Illuminated men feed each other's energy. Falsely illuminated men drain the Truly Illuminated of their energy. Falsely illuminated men succeed only in feeding the ego's of other falsely illumined men. The path to True Illumination must be discovered. To walk it, you must clear away the debris. The path of false illumination is inviting and clear. It is so easy to walk that it is lined with fools who delude themselves that knowledge and wisdom is a casual pursuit. Truly Illuminated men inspire. Falsely illuminated men stagnate. One can only attain True Illumination from the Truly Illuminated.

One can only attain false illumination from the falsely illuminated. Slander and lies are the tools of the falsely illuminated. They are [used as] weapons against the Truly Illuminated. Disorder is the strength and truth of the falsely illuminated. This sampling of simple and basic rules was/is the first step in training the initiate. At first glance, one can see that these rules come in sets of two. One indicates True Illumination, the other indicates false illumination.

Peace and Love to ALL
Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/01/2015 01:25 AM
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