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Message Subject My Life With The Illuminati - By Damien Tesla
Poster Handle - God -
Post Content
Part 2

If anyone is still out there, I am ready to give my second part of the story. I originally posted it last night but it was quite sloppy, so I deleted the post.

So after receiving the letter, I was told to call the number on the bottom of the paper. I will not tell what the number is. I hate these people, but I am not here to exploit them.

The man told me he knew what I was capable of, and he knew about my parents.
This man wanted to help me. He said he felt sympathetic for me, and he told me fate brought us together.

He was a nice man at first. He cared about everyone who worked for him.

He wanted me to keep the companies website secure, making sure nobody could hack into it. But other than that, he wanted me to hack into government files.

I didn't understand it. I asked multiple times about his morals with the documents, which by the way, I wasn't aloud to see at the time. But I always got the same answer, "You are not ready yet."

Don't ask me how I hacked into such a powerful network, because frankly I don't completely know, my self.

It was so... easy. It was like... they let me in.

Another strange thing while starting with the company, (which I also refuse to state what the company did) was they made me sign a contract. I unfortunately did not read it.

But I do regret that.


Months in, I started to fit in. We went on golf trips, and my superiors started to like me. My co-workers liked me. Everyone seemed to like me. It was like this job was all about ME.

About a year in, I finally get promoted. I was now superior to other people. I was taken to meetings, and was my bosses assistant. He always told me "one day, I'll be your assistant."

He knew that always made me happy when he saw how stressed I was.

I got to know him really well. Its safe to say that for a while, he we the best friend I could ever have. But I am going to avoid talking about him, as he was far from a friend.

Anyway, I was finally taken to one of the biggest corporate meetings of my life. I was a guy who worked 2 jobs in the city and could barely pay for my own apartment. Now I have a condo, room for me and my parents, and live in a skyscraper.

After I was greeted by everyone, I followed my boss to a row of doors, all leading to one large room.

Before entering, he told me that what I was to witness next was something I agreed to keep a secret, as I said in my contract, as long as I worked for him. He also said that when I signed the contract, I was one of them.

Then he looked me in the eye and said, "Now its time to see what it is you signed up for."

I looked at him, walked toward the doors, took a deep breathe, and opened the door in front of me.

I will have more tomorrow, keep listening.
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