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Whistleblower Stew Webb Forced Out of Home by Government Actions

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41505851
United States
06/10/2013 11:18 PM
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Whistleblower Stew Webb Forced Out of Home by Government Actions
[link to www.project.nsearch.com]

If you are a Patriot, please PIN this so we can help a fellow Patriot!

GLPers, please help Stew Webb if you can by donating something to help him move.

Stew Webb is being forced out of his home by continued harassment by people working for the US Government. It now appears that Stew's next door neighbor has been paid by the US government to monitor and call the police repeatedly on Stew Webb even though she was the one causing all the disturbances. Stew has already reported this woman to the courts but he will need move now. He's in need of $500 immediately to help move somewhere free of government stooge neighbors.

More information and where you can help are in the link. Thanks and anybody that opens their pie hole and says Stew Webb is bad in any way is a Gov Troll guaranteed! Stew Webb is like kryptonite to Government stooges! lol

You can donate to Stew anonymously through the links in this article.

[link to www.project.nsearch.com]

Also for your viewing pleasure I'm including one of the best videos Stew has ever done with Gordon Duff. This is the video that really drives the stooges nuts.