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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What about this woman, who was stuck in her car for eight days while the police refused to ping her cell phone?

Where was the police surveillance state when she needed them???

[link to abcnews.go.com]

During that time of her disappearance, her frantic husband, Tom, begged police to start searching for her, but he said he met with resistance.

Police ignored his initial pleas for help and wasted valuable time scrutinizing him, Tom Rider said after his wife's rescue.

"I kind of felt like they [the police] were taking it not very seriously, Tom Rider told "GMA." "In fact their quote was 'She's an adult, she can go where she wants and she does not have to tell you a thing.' And I didn't want to accept that answer so I pressed and pressed and were finally able to get them to take a report. I made it so loud they could not ignore the case."

Oh yeah, and can you all knowing NSA people cough up Kyron Horman, while you're off saving us from something you never quite manage to save us from?
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