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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
So, they have all this data. What have they done with it, exactly?

If they haven't done anything with it, why not?
 Quoting: zenobiaphobia

Yep. That's the question, and it won't remain unanswered for long.

If they have the data, the standard protocols would suggest they have at least developed systems to access, categorize, and analyze the data...

Meaning, when joe blow nsa guy hears about a kidnapping in his town, he could go in to work and lookup the approximate time and location of the crime, find video recordings and other info generated from other things in that location - like cell phone calls, texts, gps, etc - and figure out who did it almost immediately. Then they would be able to track the person with timestamped videos and intel. Then he can tell the cops where the guy is. All this with zero sleuthing. Just point, click and witness.
 Quoting: MagTog

Looking at census bureau stats, people under 20 is roughly 79 million. This means about 1 out of 200 kids dissapears every year and is never found again -- at least within the year they go missing.

How can that number be correct? That's crazy.
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