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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I could be missing something. Would you mind pointing out the proof?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16080783

The government has a system in place with which they can tell who committed serious crimes almost immediately. If not immediately, then within a day or two. We know they can do this because most intersections - at least in cities and suburbia - have video cameras mounted over the lights, and they record this information and have the ability to review it. They also have, as we "learned" a few months ago, a system that also watches and records almost all municipal video cameras as well as many store's surveillance cameras. They can probably see 99% of in-store cameras anyway, as most of it is streamed over the internet or has access to the internet, and all internet data is stored. Also, in vase you didn't know it, all common encryption methods can be quickly and easily cracked by government cryptographers, and most of it is completely automated.

For rural places, they have satellites and drones, which are pretty good as well.

Plus they have access to our phone cameras and pc cameras.

They can see everything.
They created this system to protect us.
They have the ability to.
They haven't been.
 Quoting: MagTog

minority report!!!

I can only imagine what the new 5 zettabye spy factory with withhold :)
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