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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great post OP. 5 stars

Check out some of the stuff about Holder dropping charges on the NSA/CIA child sex trafficking, snuff film, network.

Thread: CIA & NSA Child Trafficking, Pedophilia, Snuff Network - Eric Holder Dropped Charges On Largest Case In History!! (Page 5)

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30462411

I think there is a lot of truth to the idea that Bob Mueller (FBI Dir) always did have his hands tied when the major lowlife criminals were protected.

Mueller did do a lot of good things, and often times had to operate extra judicially and or "without prosecution" because...prosecutors at the county, state, and fed levels did not have the guts to indict.

He may be a secret true blue heroic individual with a great deal of suppressed bitterness about "his best efforts" being subverted by an invisible dark hand.

He was visible frustrated about all the murdered and neutralized US Attorneys and shared my own heart felt shock at the levels of corruption especially apparent when Obama got flipped and "within a hundred days of taking office" announced his unbelievable "we're looking forward" speech.

With that policy decision made and unchallenged within the context of facts known to both me and Director Mueller....we were both in the same miserable pissed off boat: THE NO JUSTICE FUCK YOU BOAT that came without a paddle...both of us had to suck it up and float downstream without steering.

We tried to make it right.

We both were equally pissed off and some what jaded by the journey.

But...Bob did go after the frigging pimps (sex traffickers, extortionists, snuff film makers?, and general all around lowlifes).

Bob did go after the Yogurt Shop Murder Conspiracy to frame 4 innocent men on a scripted psy op murder of 4 teenage girls in Austin, Texas. FBI made sure the local D.A. finally coughed up the DNA info, and was forced to drop charges on the patsies.sherlock

Bob did go as far as he could on Cheney's murder of a pregnant christian housewife named Christina Moore (NSA TSP scandal).angryface

He got Marc Stanford and Bernie.

He got the organ traffickers (kosher mafia).

He got some high profile scum.

Opened up the Swiss UBS IRS felonies (a major case resulting in amnesty?).yessir

He did look at a lot of good leads...but...was hamstrung be endemic and institutionalized EVIL.dogcat

We see eye to eye on a lot of things...more than people would believe. flag waver I hope he writes a tell all book, in detail, to be published upon his passing.

And, you got to pick yourself up off the ground...and keep moving with a smile on your face...if you can develop some mirth and appreciation for this black comedy.muaha

Sad salutes all the way around...for those who tried.

One fingered salutes ("The St.Mary's Wave") for the gate keepers and black hearted deviants at the top of the puppet master pyramid.dick

Politicized prosecutorial decisions, and the shameless congressional complicity...was all part of the puppet show.

Some people don't like being puppets.
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