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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle FEDup
Post Content
I think you are right, they have the ability to solve a lot of murders or missing persons if they wanted to.Prolly one of the reasons they dont is because that would reveal just how much their survailance is capable of and how deep into our privacy they have been into for years.I am a mk ultra victim and though they have admitted to it and there is now a lot of information available about it, nothing has ever really been done about it and i am sure it is still going on.I think it is much more advanced now than what was done to me.The mk ultra victims are much much more common than most people think,,it was not just a small amount of people, i figure it had to be in the 10's of thousands to one degree or another.In a sense everyone that goes into the military has been subjected to at least a mild dose of it and some very sever cases of it.I have seen more than a few that have been in the military come out very messed up that have not seen any combat. Another thing i wonder about, if the gov is so concerned about terrorists, then why are they bringing in so many muslims into our country? Just today there was a threadhere about Ovomit bringing thousands more.As far as that goes, it looks more and more like almost all the terrorest activity in the US is from the CIA.
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