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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content

There we go.
 Quoting: Listen_n

Thanks so much for sharing this. I finally watched it.

It helped to verify some of what I had suspected.

Actually, I have a story of my own about this - not that it happened to me, but I witnessed some very strange pedophiliac-seeming behavior at a party I was at once which was full of top notch people in the intel community and 4 star generals.

I don't think it's time to share this story though. I doubt anyone would believe me anyway. I've had the strangest access to info and events that, by themselves, are only exposed to probably 1 in 500 million. Getting in to any of it would probably only cause problems and wouldn't be believed anyway...even by people on a conspiracy forum.
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