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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
This kind of proof requires use of your brain.

We've all heard the reasoning the government uses to justify their extensive surveillance and intel networks. They say "It is for the public good, to keep the public safe from enemies foriegn and domestic".

Well, what kind of info are they gathering and storing forever? All internet and phone data, gps tracking, drone and satellite imagery, millions of video surveillance devices in businesses and homes, as well as millions of traffic video cams and other city surveillance.

So, they've set up an excellent system to catch terrorists...like your neighborhood oathkeeper, homeschooler, christian, patriot...and the islamic terrorists. Right?

So, since this system is so massive and contains basically all the information needed to catch perps and keep us safe, we should be hearing about more and more arrests of child abductors, murderers, rapists, etc...right? Every time we hear about a new abduction or murder -- or terrorist bombing -- we should expect the perp to be arrested and the child found in a matter of hours to days. Not weeks. Not months. Not years. And almost never "unsolved". Right?

Since we as citizens clearly do not see those kinds of results, I don't think we're seeing the correct bang-for-buck ratio with this surveillance system we paid for.

It also proves that the government doesn't give a shit about us, and that they have been covering for murderers, pedophiles, rapists...letting children be taken from their parents and be sexually assaulted and murdered, or kidnapped and abused for years, etc. With their all too untimely discovery of who blew up that apparent surveillance deadzone at the finish line at the boston marathon, plus the abilities their systems give them, it is clear we were being lied to about when they knew who did it and that they were being "sought" (they clearly knew where they were the whole time with this system).

In conclusion, the government is guilty of not only Constitutional violations through the use of this system, but they are also covering up murders and kidnappings in order to not expose the reach of their system, and they are at the very least derelict in their duties. QED.

Suck it NSA fascists.
 Quoting: MagTog

This technology can be abused and it looks like it already is if Snowden is telling the truth. It could be used to find good people who are against the DARK AGENDA of light.
 Quoting: phfaty 38788672

They created it to abuse it.

They shouldn't be gathering this information anyway. It's a clear violation of the Constitution.

What I am saying, is that if they're going to violate the Constitution and gather all of this information they're not allowed to have anyway, the question then becomes "What to do with it?".

The government has determined the answer to that question is to hunt down "terrorists", and to let all other vile criminals, murderers and pedophiles go free. Not only that, but also to do a horrendous job at actually catching terrorists and school shooters, even though they have all that data. Kinda makes you think why we even collect the data in the first place, doesn't it?

They determined that keeping us safe from patsies the FBI or CIA created is important. So important, that they needed to keep the system a secret so it would still be "effective" (lol @ boston). So, they decided they wouldn't help victims of terrible crimes here in the US - of which there are thousands of times more than victims of terrorism - in order to keep the scope of their surveillance "secret".

It is no secret, of course. You and I and everyone that pays attention (including foreign terrorists, who most likely pay attention) have known what they have been doing for decades, and that to avoid the system you have to be entirely off the grid and hide behind a mask or something.

So, the "keeping it a secret" excuse doesn't work. The only people they were keeping it a secret from were the citizens of this nation and the world that aren't as savvy - your run-of-the-mill CNN or FOXNEWSer, 9-5 jobber, life liver - the type turned off by news and conspiracy theories. The type that haven't been paying attention to the news like we have. The kinds that are inefficient at reading between the lines. 95% of the population, I would guess.

They die at the hands of criminals and serial killers, have their children stolen, get incarcerated though innocent, have fat bastards steal their money, etc etc etc...never even thinking that the government has an "Easy Button" to help solve the crimes and bring people to justice - or to exonerate that are innocent.

In conclusion, the NSA is 100% guilty of covering up murders, kidnappings, pedophile rings, satanic ritual abuse, thefts, gang violence, etc etc etc...and they did this just so they could cover up the existence of their system, which hasn't been much of a secret anyway.
 Quoting: MagTog

I don't think that we should collect this info at all. We should destroy all of the data we currently have, after processing requests to solve crimes in the country with the data. It would be too cruel to have the answers for some grieving family and just destroy the data without getting them the answers they need.

Or, if we want to keep the system to actually help us fight the sick shits in the mafia, government, media, and secret societies, as well as all the other deviants in the nation, then we should look at creating an Amendment to the Constitution, as is required for any alteration to the Constitution. Case law and dictates by some other bundle of sticks do nothing to the Constitution. The only reason it seems to have an effect on "law" is that cops follow orders and rarely think for themselves or fight for the Constitution, and those giving orders higher up are fascist satanic pedophiles that want to rob us of all our rights so they can do things like molest our women and children at the airport while they watch with one hand under the desk.
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