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Message Subject NSA guilty of covering up child abductions, rapes, murders and more! Proof!
Poster Handle AlbertKlien
Post Content
"Numbers released by Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook show that in the first six months of 2013, the NSA submitted requests for private information from at least 59,000 user accounts," the Switch's own Timothy Lee reports.

We've all known about this for a very long time thanks to the efforts of of other Liberal Minded People.

That where not afraid to speak out and say "hold on, what your doing or attempting to do is totally wrong!"

The fact they've now been caught sabotaging systems that belong to world banking "Juniper IDS" and "Cisco" just shows you how these fuckers have been slowly taking over the world with we'll invade there computer system "he-he-ha-har!"


None of it was China, none of it was Syria, none of it was half the people they're claiming was responcible.. They've been sabotaging all of us over a prolonged period, to help keep themselves in Office and promote the Fedrel Exchange!

Then there they are infecting all the technology and trying to Decrypt the internet...

Sadly the Internet doesnt work the way that they think, because a Soldier in Uniform trained to Cyber on-line is a Laughing stock to the rest of the Hacker community..

Oh you penetrate stuff do you??? What a shame you couldnt stop someone penetrating the Supreme Court and taking down it's own web-site whilst your hyping the need for the Military to take back over the Civilian part of the Internet..

We all know that you want to control it all... But perhaps it's time for you to realise, we know that you know and we know what your trying to do... An we are opposed to it!

So enjoy your bang-cock hooker you ex-vietnam war whore-monger!
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