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Message Subject FBI files: Aliens are here, they are human-like and are interested in settling here
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Then post the links. Simple enough. You felt the need to call me out, then prove your point. Don't be lazy. A poster made the claim, then back it up. It is not something new that has been discussed. Show me another thread or link where these particular FBI docs have been released.

Hurry up. Chop chop. Don't forget, you claim it has been discussed so often that only 'noobies' don't know about it. Get to it, cowboy.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

Hey Man, dude is being a douche to be sure, but he is correct.
When the FBI vault website was put online a couple of years ago, it did create quite a stir around here.

But what the angry one fails to realize is that we all miss threads and news items,
and there will always be people hearing about Roswell for the first time.

We should foster their trip down the rabbit hole rather than yelling at them for posting old news. ;-`)
 Quoting: wisc_natureboy

Wisc, I've been here as long as you. But, these archives haven't been mentioned to everyone. If so, there where are the links I've asked for.

And, even if links were actually provided, was it discussed in a manner that should not be brought up ever again because they were so well distributed?

Me thinks not.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

I know Man, I wasn't slamming you. cheers
It was a baneable offense back then, it was unknown and legally scary at first, just like wiki-leeks.

The threads disappeared as fast as they were posted.
 Quoting: wisc_natureboy

I absolutely know you weren't slamming me.

But, just for arguments sake, you know that info on GLP goes so fast that if someone posts something, after just a year, much less longer than that, the info is buried.

Look at the number of visitors just today. It is stupid, IMO, to say that this article is 'noobie' material when there are....2,271,862 pageviews just today.

There have been 1,052 threads created today.

Let's times that by just 2 years...that means there were close to 768,000 threads created since June 11, 2011.

My conclusion, is it's a stupid argument.
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