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Message Subject FBI files: Aliens are here, they are human-like and are interested in settling here
Poster Handle InCogNeatOh
Post Content
Old news for the ever growing hordes of total NOOBS on GLP.
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

For one thing, 2 years isn't old news.

For another, post the link where these exact FBI docs are posted.

Like another poster that spewed the same BS, you will not be able to.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

You are a noob too, wtf should I bother doing work that NOOBS should be doing?

It is OLD news, and two years IS old news, even at GLP.
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

Then post the links. Simple enough. You felt the need to call me out, then prove your point. Don't be lazy. A poster made the claim, then back it up. It is not something new that has been discussed. Show me another thread or link where these particular FBI docs have been released.

Hurry up. Chop chop. Don't forget, you claim it has been discussed so often that only 'noobies' don't know about it. Get to it, cowboy.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

Chill Chad. Maybe you missed the threads on this back then.

Posting links to the main site got us banned then, and given my ban history for being outspoken on GLP, I am not risking taking up your challenge.

I apologise for being a douche, but this IS old news, and being a UFO-'researcher' for 35 years - I can assure you that this story got BIG coverage on every forum.

Personally, I believe the contents to be 'true' - in that Earth is being prepared to be co-shared with other humanoid beings.

According to my sources, most of Africa below the equator is designated for one species, another species is being given real estate on the ocean floor in the Pacific.

More recently the Chinese have made an arrangement to accommodate some of their genetic ancestors who are back again - which is currently shaping some of the international geopolitics between the USA and China.

You Chad, are the most missed and admired thread maker on GLP. You rock, and I am sorry I offended you.

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