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Message Subject FBI files: Aliens are here, they are human-like and are interested in settling here
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
In my experience, the only interdimensional beings that want to settle on our 3rd dimensional plane are from lower dimensions. Demonic possession comes to mind.

Beings commonly referred to as demons exist in a lower-vibrational dimension and use low vibe tactics (fear, pain, suffering) to emerge into this dimension. Weak minded people open themselves up to these low dim beings and channel them involuntarily. These people do not know that they are infinitely more powerful than them, since these beings strive to feel what we feel, but cannot on their plane.

If there are beings that want to settle here, it's for one of two reasons.

1. To elevate themselves from their lower dimension and transfer their HATE onto this plane

2. To lower themselves from their higher dimension and transfer their LOVE onto this plane.

The only reason I see a higher dimensional being materializing on our plane would be due to some sort of complete act of selflessness, since they would be opening themselves up to lower vibration urges.

I think most confirmed supernatural phenomena come from the lower planes, and are therefore dangerous to meddle with unless you know how to manipulate them before they manipulate you.

True higher vibe beings live in a state of pure bliss, and dare not toil with trivial matters such as pain and anguish.
 Quoting: Logos 41385721

Have you heard of this theory.. 4d beings interbreed with 3d humans because 4d beings lack the ability to ascend directly to 5d, so by interbreeding with humans (which have the capability) they genetically give themselves the capabilities of both species, so to go forward from 4d, they must go back to 3d, as a hybrid, and ascend. Neither here nor there just thought i'd throw it out there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41190350

What if the bigest lie we are told to beleive was that there are different density levels?

why divide the cosmic conciousness? Why not? To Justify power with control!

It's all about one group rulling over the lower realms.

The prime creator is not the prime creator. Because the truth of creation is that it was never created. it just have always existed! The pinacle of creation is within every living beings! Not one being is not able to become "god". They don't even have to become. They already are!
They have nothing to learn, to gain or even higher level of conciousness to obtain.

True love does not divide then justify it for safety.

True love is similar to passion! it does not judge.

AS of now, love resemble more of a deception which we were all seduced by and now we got fucked in the @$$.

Yes Terra is a beautiful planet... still does not stop her from being a soul farm!!!
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