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Message Subject All Biological Aliens on Earth are a Psyop.
Poster Handle ALBION
Post Content
OP is so wrong he's already fled to Hong Kong.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36459049

That's the thing, you and other posters such as ALBION say I'm wrong, but can't provide evidence that I cannot refute.

I've scanned through hundreds and hundreds of articles, interviews, books, videos, etc. And I can tell you, the entire idea is contrived and being used for pernicious ends.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41534255

Nice use of the word 'pernicious',so I retract my statement about your intelligence.

However,it's nearly impossible to prove a negative, so prove to me that all biological aliens on Earth are a psyop.

Not so easy is it?

 Quoting: ALBION 41516639

I take your point, that this cannot be proved using logic, since it's no better than trying to count to infinity. But this can be revealed by intuition.

Even more importantly, though: there is a finite set of cases in which people argue through evidence that biological aliens exist on Earth. And THIS set is refutable, since it is finite. And this is the set that I have studied and refuted for the last few years.

I should refine my argument from "All arguments that biological extraterrestrials exist on Earth are false" to "All evidence that I have seen that has heretofore been used to support the idea of biological aliens on earth is false"

Of course, someone might blow my mind one day with evidence that changes my whole position. But logic has proven this false up to this point, and intuition tells me that this will never be the case. Nevertheless, I am open to serious evidence for either side.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41534255

QUOTE:"All evidence that I have seen that has heretofore been used to support the idea of biological aliens on earth is false"

I agree on this point, there is no irrefutable evidence available (that I have seen) but like a religious persons belief in a God,I have faith that somewhere, in a supposedly infinite universe, there exists other beings.Whether these beings want to visit this planet is another matter.

If you were an intelligent species who had jumped to the next level,conquered fear and hate, would you want to come here?

Good luck on your quest,I have 'faith' it is out there.

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