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Message Subject Waters: Obama CAMPAIGN Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individualí -
Poster Handle *Evan
Post Content
Well, while I will agree that all our POTUS have been seriously flawed, I don't believe for one minute that it has ever reached this level of targeting individuals who have opposing points of view and to this extent. Not even Nixon went this far. There is no evidence of it in the past and certainly not on this massive scale as evidenced by the building of the NSA storage facility.

The technology didn't exist even as far back as Hillary and those actual paper FBI files. Remember a member of Nixon's staff went to prison for having one such file. Hillary gathered them on every member of congress.
 Quoting: Bluebird

The thing that is annoying, is the democrats can see all this too. They can see this corruption. Yet they continue to support this fraud of a potus. They are proving they are no longer pro American democrats, but rather globalist statists.

When Bush Jr. messed up, most of us conservatives didn't continue to make excuses for him. We accepted facts and moved on.
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