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Message Subject Waters: Obama CAMPAIGN Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individualí -
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
But a massive government database isn't a real problem?

 Quoting: *Evan

I think its an unavoidable consequence of your need to have virtually pointless technology.

I think it's naive to act like there was ANY OTHER FUCKING POSSIBLE OUTCOME.

I'm not the ones who decided it was worth dealing with later for the sake of having the ability to text pics of my dick, play games, and IMDB films and TV pop culture nonsense.

I never joined in.

Not my fight.

I could give a fuck all.

Any info they have on me is pointless and useless and isn't anything I fear will ever be used against me.

What you afraid they have?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40371362

Well, they just seized 10 million medical records. Guess anybody with recessive gene traits or overweight or who smokes or has any disease at all is now subject to higher insurance premiums. And maybe their children as well if condition hereditary.

BTW, are all your animals up-to-date on their vaccines?

You haven't bought anything that could be deemed excessive for the amount of money on which you are paying taxes, have you? Don't hold any points of view deemed as radical by the current PTB?

Not using too much electricity for the number of people who live there are you? Might need a cap and trade fine. Same if the vehicle you drive is not enough fuel efficient.

The possibilities are endless and until it came out that political enemies were being targeted and donor lists given to opponents, we pretty much thought these things wouldn't actually be done either. Now they are a fact.
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