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Message Subject Waters: Obama CAMPAIGN Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individualí -
Poster Handle InTheHood
Post Content
If I recall correctly, YOU have 7 years to FIX anything, THEY (IRS) have 10 years to collect. Nice gig huh?

Example: I divorced, 10 years to the date, my IRS return was levied, I was like WTF? My x-husband owed "x" amount from the last year we were married (we filed separate taxes that year due to divorce and not living together, etc.)

BUT SINCE we were still legally married (even though divorce papers stated otherwise as to whom owed what) the IRS levied my return anyway, TEN FLIPPING YEARS LATER!

It wasn't bad enough that the "x" fled state along with his child support obligations and couldn't be found for TEN years (and was working under an alias SS#) but NOW the IRS garnished my little itty-bitty return to pay off HIS debts. (Was just under $500).

But that $500 back in 1994 was a lot of money for a single parent NOT receiving child support, oh I was HOT, can't remember what I said to the IRS agent, but it wasn't nice.

Oh yeah. What did I find out? Since it was TEN years, I could not contest it; nope, I had no way out of it, they got it, I didn't.

You see, YOU only have 7 years to contest something, THEY have 10 years to TAKE it and then you can't contest it, dirty little trick isn't it?
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