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Message Subject Waters: Obama CAMPAIGN Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individualí -
Poster Handle T-Cain
Post Content
Three months after donating $2500 to the Ron Paul Campaign for President in 2012, I received a phone call, then subsequent letter from the Cincinnati IRS Office ordering a seven year audit of my Tax Returns...

In the phone call she began asking veiled questions about "donations", but I refused to talk to them and the next day I gave a power of attorney to my Accountant and Tax Attorney to deal with them...

Didn't owe a dime to the government, but it cost me $12,000 in Accounting and Legal fee's to finish the matter.

I now have no doubt this was politically motivated and I've turned this evidence over to my congressman (which is probably the last I will ever hear of this).

Since I refused to talk to them on the phone that day I may never know for sure, but the only excuse they could give for my audit was that it was a "Random" audit, but my tax attorney and my accountant had never heard of a full seven year audit being "Random" before...

So yeah, Obama keeps a political enemies list with dossiers, of this I have no doubt...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

now I understand why they're hiring 14 to 16 thousand new IRS agents
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