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Message Subject Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado June 20-21st
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah but NOT by the top of the Illuminati pyramid in downtown Denver where anybody can take a picture of some of these scumbags walking through the Brown Palace hotel where many of them stay! There is a tunnel right next to the bar in the hotel! This was all exposed last year and confirmed. If we get enough people monitoring for the latest Intel, Stew will know if they move it also as he has an inside source.

The council of 13 is the top of these satanic scum that run this planet!

Stew Webb was the only person to find out where they met and he nailed it last year and it was later confirmed by US Intel that it did happen right where Stew said he was told it would be!

It's a BIG DEAL so get off your butts and promote it unless you're a Gov Stooge in which case you'll complain or put up some negative comment like a troll.
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