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Message Subject THE PLAN: Obama is the last President
Poster Handle Ford Prefect
Post Content
OP is late for the party. The "wise elders" already control shithole Earth from Jerusalem. They're probably ancient Anunnaki outcasts using human bodies engineered from their original gene pool.

Same ole shit, only that Babylon was rebuilt in America and they control it at distance, because now they are in minority and they are afraid of being overthrown by American guntards.
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

There are two camps, Two bloodlines within the Anunnaki, I like to think of them as Anunnaki teal good cop & bad cop.

You speak of Anunnaki bad cop and you are correct

please never forget there is also Anunnaki Good cop.

This Anunnaki manipulations/communication is at the level of Thought, Creativity, Humor and wit in the human race.

Anunnaki team Light is trying to lead us into the light and to evolve into higher realms of Consciousness. They have given mankind the inspiration to understand Agriculture, Architecture, Mathmatics, Music, Culture, Art, Etc.

Team Dark Anunnaki represent a negitive polarity, they work to let humanity experiance their own dark-thought forms in the flesh, so they may be healed and cleansed, in hopes the initiate will choose Love over Fear THIS TIME thus freeing themselves of that dark thought form by transmuting that dark thought-form into it's higher octave.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41653116

You realize that "good cop/bad cop" is always played with agreement of both parts, don't you???
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