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Message Subject THE PLAN: Obama is the last President
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You realize that "good cop/bad cop" is always played with agreement of both parts, don't you???
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

"The Myth of "Churning the Milky Ocean".

The key ingredient is the Milky Ocean itself.

The Ocean in which the entire universe was thought to rest.

There was two teams of "Churners of this Milky Ocean" a team of GOOD & LIGHT and a team of Darkness.

But it is not a simple matter of one team or the other winning.

What they are actually doing and a Profound Spiritual Wisdom is concealed in this, They are cooperating towards a common objective.

And that objective is to generate from the "Churning" of the Milky Ocean, The Elixor of Immortality. - Grahm Hancock

Watch this Myth be explained by Graham Hancock, British writer and journalist in the second part of this video.

Start watching at 3:03 to get right to it.

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