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Message Subject THE PLAN: Obama is the last President
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content

Kissinger said that Obama is well received worldwide....and indeed he is. He said O will be the president to create the impetus for the NWO. Kissinger went on to say that what Obama needs to do had been impossible to do in the past with 2 presidential terms. Thereby alluding to the fact that O will need not 1, not 2 but perhaps 3 terms or more to achieve the NWO. Hmmm!
 Quoting: Ohwell

Seems to me that there's also a lot of hatred for O around the world, too. And now with all the scandals, it's a little harder to say. But I think maybe the real purpose of the scandals is to take the heat off of where it really belongs: congress and SCOTUS, and the bazillion sub-divisions and czars. The corruption is so deep and wide that it will take a clean sweep of pretty much every part of FedGov to really change anything.

But at the same time, there is good momentum right now for the FairTax to get rid of the IRS, and then the other pillar is the Federal Reserve. Strike those two down and the rest will be easier.
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

Up until the scandal and more recently PRISM surveillance system, there was a lot of hatred for Obama. However, keep in mind that this hatred, even if it is felt by an increasing amount of Americans, they are still very small compared the rest of the world who know nothing about the scandals. The image they have of O still remains that portrayed by the media during the elections.

So Kissinger statement still holds true, in the sense that Obama is well received worldwide and is the best person to push ahead with the NWO plans.

And the IRS scandals was all intentional. You see, before this year runs out, the IRS will be no more, flooding will be witnessed on a global scale, Obama will sell the hoax Global Warming Scam to the world and on the backside of all of this, they will have their carbon taxes established.
 Quoting: Ohwell

But I was talking about other countries ("around the world"), even before the scandals. Those outside the US care little about whether he violates our constitution or spies on our citizens.
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

Yeah. They care very little. In fact, they know nothing about him or what he does. But as you know, most people are druged by their TV sets i.e. dancing with the stars, x-factor etc, Because of this very reason and because of what the MSM have done with his image (even though most people dont know why they like O), they still love him because of the stardom nature portrayed by the MSM. This is why the world, a vast majority of them, will buy whatever he sells.

He's the saleman for the NWO which is why Kissinger said what he said.
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