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Message Subject 01010
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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At this point i either need to try to change the world or i need to leave this world. Can't take it anymore.
 Quoting: Truthhappened

well, i already fucked up my life through bad choices and straying for several years from what my parents taught me growing up, and not listening to myself and listening to others instead, so i can't really take it anymore either. i don't want to live like this, in this fucked up world, and with other personal stuff, but i have responsibilities for now. when i don't have responsibilities i see no point in prolonging past the point where i am not needed as i don't see myself changing anything in a positive way, so why bother? i don't see the changes i'd like happening, so wtf?

i wish God would reboot this bitch assed world, but protect the animals and innocents...which I'm sure He would do.....bc all things are possible with God.
 Quoting: m&m's

If you follow the Bible, you know where this is going. And if you know where this is going you have hope. The main focus of followers of Jesus Christ right now should be witnessing to the Lost, winning souls for christ, preaching repentance and the Gospel
 Quoting: Witness for Him

i believe in God, i think revelations is a possibility not an absolute.

i do not proselytize and i don't believe in it. my parents taught me to believe in God. no talk of jesus. no defaming of jesus either.

in the old testament the messiah is supposed to bring peace and turn swords into plowshares....this has not yet happened, but peace is what i hope for and for the killing of evil.

i am tired of how this world is now. nothing seems right. the world seems foreign to me. even weird things with relatives. i feel like i am in bizzaro land...the opposite of how things are supposed to be, but i guess my decisions got me here. sadly.
 Quoting: m&m's

you're doing just fine, keep up the good work
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