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Message Subject 01010
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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When you've had enough of being pissed off and angry about it - you will be ready to move beyond these feelings.

For now, I would say it is a natural/necessary reaction.

i've been where you think i should be, if i'm reading / comprehending you correctly. love everyone....yadda yadda yadda.... well, i feel God has revealed to me that evil exists and injustice exists even under out noses (muslim women being forced to stay at home / not drive in the USA ... child brides, etc.) and that it is PAST time to do things about it and raise awareness. you cannot love evil away.

i tried. it does not work.

give evil an inch, it will try to take a mile.

evil must be killed / eradicated....this is what God said in the OT.

it is truth.
 Quoting: m&m's

Well with all due respect I don't feel you are reading/comprehending correctly because no where on this forum have you ever seen me pass along a hippy, new-agey 'love everyone yadda yadda yadda' type message.

I said when you're done being angry / pissed off about the state of affairs, you will be ready to move past this negative outlook. In the process of raising your awareness about the nature of the world and how it operates it is NATURAL and often NECESSARY for a person to feel angry & pissed off. Many people go through this stage - how long you wish to remain embracing that mentality is up to you. But it's not a permanent state of being - more like a phase. Keep elevating your awareness and you can TRANSCEND the anger and bitterness and move towards a state of inner peace - but to do so you need to continue to distance yourself from a physical-based perspective.

You've already revealed in your posts that you subscribe to the notion of reincarnation. Take that understanding and apply it to your perspective & perception of the world more often. It will help you reconcile and come to grips with why certain individuals are acting 'evil' in this lifetime and why there are so many who are so uninformed and hypnotized by the material pleasures of the world. If this physical world is a learning grounds, then you will necessarily have individuals at all different stages of spiritual development. It's just the way it is. We will never be able to 'erase/eradicate/kill' all the 'evil' in this world because that's not the way this realm works - believing that we can do this but not seeing it happen will just leave you with a continual sense of feeling defeated.

Please understand I'm not criticizing you here, just trying to add some perspective. You don't have to continue to feel the way that you currently do for the rest of your time here, you have the free will to change how you feel when you are ready to do so. If you don't want to feel this way (because it doesn't sound like it feels very good or healthy) - then keep pushing yourself to expand your awareness of what lies beyond the physical illusions of this world we are temporarily experiencing. The reason I say the anger and feelings of being pissed off are often necessary, is that they serve a valuable function to help push an individual in the direction of distancing oneself from the physical/material perspective of this life and look for answers/solutions from a spiritual perspective (and I'm not referring to the belief in the notion that 'God' will just swoop down and 'fix it'). I'm talking about an inner-solution, not an external one.

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