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Message Subject 01010
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appreciate your thoughtful explanatory reply.

here's my thing with reincarnation....why is the world going backwards into immorality and depravity instead of forward to morality, decency, normalcy, and goodness.
are we just swamped with evil reincarnated souls right now?
the world just seems totally upside down. i'm wondering if these aspartame theories (it is like poison to me, i can taste it immediately) might have some merit in dumbing down the populace and making them behave so against the values of God and this nation.

shit just seems unreal to me. this is not the world i grew up in ... it is not the world of even several years ago....it is weird and strange. people talk about alternate timelines....idk...maybe God moved me and bunches of other people, too? i feel totally out of place and some people cannot even listen to logic and reason. it's crazy.
 Quoting: m&m's

That's a valid question. I can't claim to know the answer but I can share my perspective. Let's say hypothetically we lived in a different world where everyone had complete free will to act as they pleased and there was no external control and manipulation being exerted on the population by a group of individuals with a higher power & authority to do so. This type of scenario would allow for a much better reading or interpretation as to the state of morality, decency, normalcy, goodness of the population. Everyone would have the free will to act out of their true nature without external influences playing a significant role in shaping their behavior and mentality.

But that's not what we're faced with because we live in a world where the majority are controlled & influenced by a small minority. We have little to no say in our legal system, our elected officials and what they do, the financial system and it's practices/regulations, the food supply, the technology and medical treatments we have access to, etc etc. The majority of the population is being heavily influenced and manipulated by 'systems' in place that only a small minority have the power & authority to change. We live in a pyramid style control structure where the actions of a few have a huge affect on the quality of life of the majority. My contention is that with the present circumstances and 'system' that we're subjected to, it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to gauge or interpret the collective state of morality, decency, normalcy, goodness of the general population. It's the nature vs. nurture debate and now more than ever, we can see how people are becoming a victim of their environment and allowing it to influence their behavior.

If hypothetically we lived in a more utopian type system where individuals were not victims of a predatory financial system, did not have to struggle and slave away at meaningless jobs just to pay-to-live, and did not have to spend 30 years just working to pay for the home that they have been living in - do we really think we would be witnessing the same level of crime, corruption, and heartlessness? If the majority of indviduals were mentally healthier and happier as a result of being exposed to a different type of lifestyle, and not riddled with depression and this unnatural lifestyle we are subjected to, don't you feel you would be likely to have a completely different impression about the character/nature of the average person?

It's for these reasons that I do not allow the negative behavior of a certain segment of the population to dictate my general or overall view as to the collective nature of humanity. I feel many of these individuals behaving negatively would not be acting in this manner if our circumstances or environment were not the way that it has been engineered to be.

You also have to remember how much the media/news controls our perception of the world and how much negative behavior gets reported and dominates the news coverage. There could be 9 acts of kindness & compassion taking place but the 1 act of violence/immorality will always get the news coverage. If hypothetically (this would never happen) the media decided for one month to only report positive news stories, it would have a profound effect on how your average person views the current state of our society.

The last thing is that these old systems we've been living under are falling apart and collapsing. The collective consciousness of society is outgrowing these outdated methods of operating and we're going to continue to see a falling away from our old ways of doing things. This will create tension/conflict/turmoil in the short term but it's necessary for this to happen and I think it should be looked upon as 'growing pains'....
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