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Message Subject Illuminati destroys Glen Becks voice
Poster Handle Astral Goat
Post Content
the devil can strike you dumb and deaf.

Jesus cast out spirits that were making people unable to talk.

The devil is becoming very very powerful now, it will become like it was, in the year 200 AD, Christians were thrown to the lions, people's natures were very, very different.

Very hostile to the ideas of equality, there were classes of people. Some people were not humans, they were slaves.

For all the knowledge of the Greeks, all their theories about democracy and philosophy, they still treated minorities, smaller groups like they were animals, slaves.

This is what is coming, not more Christian morals or ethics, a return to life the way it was before Christ. Enjoy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41217722

The devil can be very violent.
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