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Message Subject Why was I repeatedly called a racist when when posted the Texas Average STAAR's test score last night. Whites 80, Hispanics 63, Black 40
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Here is some interesting facts:
Average IQ by race... now I know IQ isnt the best measure of intelligence but here it is.
Jews 120
Asians 110
Caucasions 100
Arabs 98
Blacks 80
 Quoting: Man Bear Pig

[link to mn.gov]


In 1959 the AAMR, at that time called the American Association on Mental
Deficiency, published a definition of mental retardation that read as follows:
Mental retardation refers to subaverage general intellectual functioning which
originates during the developmental period and is associated with impairment in
adaptive behavior. (Heber, 1959)
The definition was revised in 1961. That revision specified the meaning of the
term subaverage general intellectual functioning in a manner that was to have considerable impact on the field of mental retardation. One standard deviation below the
mean on an intelligence test was delineated as the point at which intellectual functioning should be considered subnormal (Hebcr, 1961). This specification meant that
on an IQ test with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, any score below 85
would be diagnostic of mental retardation. If the total population was tested and classified on this basis, almost 16% would be diagnosed as having mental retardation. Even
higher percentages would be expected to be found in subpopulations where minority
status, language factors, or socioeconomic background depresses intelligence test
There were criticisms of the concept of adaptive behavior as it appeared in the
1961 definition. The argument was made that adaptive behavior as it was presented in
the definition was not actually functional for the diagnosis of mental retardation. In
reality, it was argued, the determination of retardation continued to be based on intelligence tests and the idea that intelligence was not significantly "associated" with
adaptive behavior in this process (Clausen, 1972).
In 1973 an AAMR committee again revised the definition. The committee constructed this revision with criticism of the 1961 definition in mind. It specified that significantly subaverage general intellectual functioning was to be determined by a score of at
least two standard deviations below the mean on an intelligence test (Grossman, 1973).
This meant that the cutoff point for mental retardation was essentially moved downward from 85 to 70. This change lowered the percentage of the population that might
be identified as having mental retardation from 16% to approximately 2.25%.
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