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Message Subject Why was I repeatedly called a racist when when posted the Texas Average STAAR's test score last night. Whites 80, Hispanics 63, Black 40
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's terrible when you can't even discuss something, how can we help or fix it when you're not allowed to even bring it up and acknowledge it?

I read something that said, a cultural difference is that black women don't breastfeed their babies at the same rate as other races and that breastfeeding has a correlation with higher IQs. So right there, is a place to start to try to help, but not if you're not even supposed to mention it!

Also black people need more vitamin D, it is related to everything, I'm sure a vitamin D deficiency affects the development of black kids. You'd think the black community would be rallying around things like this, to try to get their kids off to a better start in life?
 Quoting: Vision Thing

Don't forget genetics.

White kids who aren't breast fed might be fucked up but their IQ doesn't plunge into retard levels where most blacks are.
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