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Message Subject Why was I repeatedly called a racist when when posted the Texas Average STAAR's test score last night. Whites 80, Hispanics 63, Black 40
Poster Handle ChillyNorth
Post Content
 Quoting: Baconhead


Any fact that points a truthful finger at the glaring inequities that do exist between the different cultures and races is castigated as racist by people who are not willing be honest with themselves. Personally, I donít think the statistics are what they are specifically because of race alone. I would argue that it is the culture of different societies that results in the disparaging differences in work ethic, intelligence, and achievement.

I want to believe that everybody has the same potential, but it is hard to refute the bottom line achievement differences between Sub Sahara Africa, Europe, and Asia though. America is a good example of how the difference races can rise to the same levels of achievement, but it is also hard to ignore areas of dense cultural rot that are heavily of one particular race that refuses to acknowledge the problem.
 Quoting: Resister

I stopped reading after your second word because your response turns into a cutesy emotional response.

Facts are facts. Statistics are a way to manifest the facts into a visual medium for us to explore and extract information out of. If the fact LEADS to me deducing something racist out of it then that is my prerogative.

I do agree that culture plays a role in categorizing which class of human beings come out on top. This does not discredit the statistical method in any way though.
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