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Reality and Control Systems

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41639247
United Kingdom
06/13/2013 02:19 PM
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Reality and Control Systems
From the moment we are born we are exposed to the control system and belief systems, which are preconceived, suppressing what is possible and what is not and limiting your sense of reality according to the agenda which has been on going for a very long time. Many are in a small box of reality and constantly being exposed to limited views of what our reality is.

Yet there is glimmers of light, exposing these illusions, that many use to control our reality.

It is also possible that with the rising of cancers, and our immune systems constantly under attack, by not letting our natural defences deal with many diseases, which we are exposed to some are natural toxins and other are being manufactured so that the reduction in our population occurs over a period of time.

An agenda of certain governments or groups to make sure resources are protected for themselves so they can sustain their our existence, is underway. Humanity and protection of human life isn't a priority.