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Message Subject Time Traveler Proofs
Poster Handle - God -
Post Content
So apparently, there is a picture in a Canadian history museum with a picture which appears to contain a man which is ahead of his time.

Check this out.
What do you guys think?

[link to i1064.photobucket.com]

Use this thread to show others proofs of time travelers!
 Quoting: - God -

You do realize that fashion is recycled every 10 years right? Descartes wrote a paper on it. The reason why he may look fashionable for his time is because that fashion has resurfaced now, that's all. You would be amazed at how ahead of their time the 20s,30s,40s,50s,and 60s were.. He also looks like a typical Beatnik to me.
 Quoting: PigsInSpace

Thank you for pointing that out! Can you top that, though?cool2
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