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Message Subject 3rd graders introduce Obama at Lezbo,pillow biter,bi queer, trans testicle event or LGBT for you politically correct waistes of life
Poster Handle SickAndTired
Post Content
> claims equality for all
> only focuses on LGBT sides of matters
> no outrage when any straight/non LGBT person is discriminated (it can happen)
> what is credibility

Until I see any common sense coming out of these so-called "communities", I refuse to buy into their causes. The majority of people in the LGBT crowd are as shallow as one gets. They don't care if, for instance, a lesbian acts like a complete and utter prat to everyone around her - she's a lesbian and therefore is a special widdle snowfwake that warrants special attention. They all run on special interest and could give less than a shit about real equality ("do unto others as others do unto you").

Pride is pride, no matter how many people there are in a group. Pandering pride to minorities exclusively is no better than throwing up pride only for people who eat at Burger King and snubbing those who eat at home.

I give less than a crap about gay marriage being legalized, what I have a problem with is certain groups of people being mounted on pedestals and given the special widdle snowfwake treatment whilst the majority (and while we're at it other minorities - asexual pride anyone?) have to sit back and flag-wave or else be labeled as "prejudiced" by the PC guilt-mongering crowd.
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