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Message Subject Five Six Six Anti Illuminati Thread
Poster Handle WomanoftheActivatedChakras
Post Content
New Colours

What are the new chakras and their color correspondences? Let's start from the top and work our way down.

Twelfth Chakra

Color: Turquoise

The twelfth chakra is three steps above the crown chakra, in the aura. It corresponds with the bottom point of the upper MerKaBa (of Source, or your Higher Self) that meets the human MerKaBa, or light body. This chakra is associated with masculine energy—"Father Sky." It is our connection to Source.

Eleventh Chakra

Color: Deep indigo

The eleventh chakra is two steps above the crown chakra, in the aura. It corresponds with the upper point of the human MerKaBa. It encompasses all of the lower chakras, so it must remain clear or all of the chakras will have problems. While the twelfth chakra corresponds with the masculine, the eleventh chakra corresponds with feminine energy—the Christ-consciousness of Mary, Kwan Yin, or Mother Earth. Its deep indigo energy radiates outward and encompasses things other than ourselves, so it is associated with compassion and connection with all life, including Mother Earth.

Tenth Chakra

Color: Yellow

The tenth chakra is one step above the crown chakra, in the aura. Its energy radiates infinitely in a linear plane in all four directions: front, back, left, and right. Therefore, it is the chakra that connects us with everything. It also protects the Higher Mind processes.

Ninth Chakra

Color: Magenta

The ninth chakra is the crown chakra. It is the portal to the rest of the body as it will be. It is also the upper root chakra, where creation and manifesting energy live. As such, issues about self-denial, feeling undeserving, and even 4-D sex will show up here.

Half-tone Chakra (8.5)

Color: Amber

There is a half-tone chakra between the eighth and the ninth chakra. This chakra provides a clear connection between the third eye and the crown, and it governs emotional and mental clarity. Problems with any of these areas usually show up here.

Eighth Chakra

Color: Silver

The eighth chakra is the third eye, or inner vision. It is the foundation for the higher chakras and must be kept clean and clear. Its silver ray radiates as a cone, with the point of the cone beginning at the third eye, then spreading outward at the back of the head.

[link to www.brighthill.net]
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