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Message Subject Obama Considers Resettling Thousands of Syrian Refugees in U.S.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

A resettlement plan under discussion in Washington and other capitals is aimed at relieving pressure on Middle Eastern countries straining to support 1.6 million refugees, as well as assisting hard-hit Syrian families.

[link to www.breitbart.com]

What the hell are we supposed to do with them?
 Quoting: davvi

Well, for one... NSA has all our information... maybe they know exactly who has extra bedrooms and can house some of them. Plus, the RFID chip can now be actively put to good use, to keep all immigration and citizens information in order, FEMA camps can be opened now and take in tenants, gun control may go further in effect if there arises new problems. What else are we supposed to do? Haven't they prepared for this all along?
 Quoting: Indysmindy

I do see a time when certain americans are shot in the streets and everything they own confiscated to send overseas for those people who "need it."

When that soldier was slaughtered in Britain and there was no reaction, I thought we have turned a corner and sent the message to those who want us dead that this is a good time to strike.

Before we Americans get too full of ourselves though, when one muzz shot and killed 14 at Ft. Hood we did nothing either and now we allow our government to cater to this walking piece of shit's every wish and demand...we are sheep just standing in line waiting for slaughter
. Imagine what our kids will have to deal with?

 Quoting: davvi

You're right, after the British solider was slaughtered, all I really read or saw was the EDL standing up for themselves and getting blamed for burning mosque and being racists. They received a lot of negative feedback from many in their country. The thing is, we don't know who are the terrorists and who is about to do us harm. I think that justifies the NSA's and all their snooping around. This is just craziness happening now.
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