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Message Subject Obama Considers Resettling Thousands of Syrian Refugees in U.S.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You took in many Nazis after WWII and they have had control since then, why not give refuge to the Rebels that failed (but would have been able to vote in the next 'election')to take Syria and if they aren't given what they were promised then foreign US assets will be harmed. (or some such drama to hide it the same way they hid the CIA/Nazi connection from the soldiers and family of the ones 'on the ground'. I'm pretty sure they would have been quick to agree that the battle was not over and the ICC might take 20 years before all the shit was cleaned up, probably why it was rushed through so quick, the trials stink as much as the other great event that war is remembered for.
 Quoting: MHz

Probably one of the dumbest and most retarded posts of come across on here, GLPtard.Your way of logic--> The nazi own the fed, the nazi own Hollywood, the nazi own the media, the nazi are in all key positions of government, the nazi run the education system, the nazi run Monsanto that have been slow poison killing us for decades....I'll make it easy for you, replace nazi with jew and everything makes sense.
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