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Yes He Can... start World War 3...!!!

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United Kingdom
06/14/2013 05:33 PM
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Yes He Can... start World War 3...!!!
Do you remember the Autumn or Fall of 2008, hoping that an intelligent articulate man would become President of America introducing the start of the 21st Century leaving the Cold War paranoia finally behind?

Even in Liverpool [UK], people celebrated as a man of Mixed-Heritage being selected to lead 'The World's No.1 Superpower™' was much MORE than simply Party Politics.

Yet, five years later President Obama hasn't brought change just a continuation of the same tired policies therefore ending the dream that Political Leaders can improve life for the ordinary majority. This Internet Photoshop or Meme of President Obama perfectly sums up the hero-worship of 2008

Yet, the recent admission of Edward Snowden, an American Citizen that was a former technical contractor & Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA), before disclosing details of classified NSA mass surveillance program known as PRISM to The Guardian Newspaper [UK].

Snowden's admissions have caused specific embarrassment for Political Classes of Washington D.C & London as THEY are always the one's that promote

Freedom & Democracy™.

Read the full story with images and video... [link to planetxlive.co.uk]
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