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Message Subject When will full UFO disclosure happen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are no alien visitors. Everything you've seen on the TV so far or heard in the street was to back up the scam. ALL OF IT.

Crowley: "All these old letters of my book are aright, but Tzaddi is not the Star"

Crowley was at the highest levels of freemasonry & worked out what they were up to. I worked it out too... the letters for The Star (ET) & the Emperor (Man) are interchangeable.

When they wheel out their 'aliens' it will be fake & it's the biggest attempted scam in the history of the world. They've been planning this since forever.

Oh, there will be miracles (demonstration of hitherto hidden technology,) but this is pathetic & embarrassingly naive if you know what they're up to.

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