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Message Subject When will full UFO disclosure happen?
Poster Handle Defragthis
Post Content
When Anonymous quits playing soft ball. They have the goods. It's a learning process they have to go though to realize you can't deal with the crooks. You have to take them down.

Why are people waiting for the US anyway. Russia, China, France, India, and Canada have already made disclosure. There are others to be sure but, isn't that enough to say disclosure has already happened?

After all the scandals in the US in the past few years why is it people are waiting for the US government? Even if they do come forward it will be spun with propaganda. People wake up.

What did I hear recently? Syria has crossed the line and used chemical weapons. Look who makes the allegation. Unknown sources have not been disclosed and their credibility is in question. Remember the Iraq weapons of mass destruction campaign? I am sick and tired of single source one sided information.

Ya, just listen to the FBI about Boston, my backside.
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