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Message Subject 01010
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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U.S. Intelligence is incompetent.

They failed to stop a Chinese cyber-attack where the Chinese stole every military secret of the U.S. including new weapon and vehicle designs as well as missile defenses.

U.S. Army, NSA, CIA, Dell and Booz never knew that Snowden didn't even finish high school and his resume was false.

Snowden accessed data that was well beyond the scope of his "need to know" and his computer level of access.

Snowden was able to smuggle out highly classified data by plugging in a thumb-drive in his workstation computer.

Snowden took 4 laptops full of classified data to Hong Kong.

Defense contractors were paying Snowden $120,000 a year with U.S. taxes yet this wasn't enough to keep him silent.

Snowden is a Millennial kid. This means that because of the Internet in which he can look up any information, listen to any song, watch anything, play any game immediately and free -- he is impatient and rude. The Chinese call Millennial kids Little Kings. Because Snowden plays video games all the time, he is a little socially awkward, has a false sense of self-confidence and thinks he's always the hero. He's a Monster Kid.

U.S. citizens are so disgruntled that there aren't enough jobs and they aren't being paid what they are worth, that they see this Snowden thing as a way to lash out at the government that ignores them. So they raise up Snowden as a hero just because he is trying to embarrass Obama and the government. I get that, I really do.

But what you don't get is that the U.S. is going to be like Honduras soon. 20 murders every day in every split territory.

And China's going to be the world super power. China, who banned time travel, Winnie the Pooh and Magic!
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