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Subject The Lost Times Of The Earth (Giants, Dinosaurs, Dragons, ET´s, Reptilians, Time Travel, Illuminatis))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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We have to talk about the dinosaurs. I want some serious and intelligent talking here with you guys. I found out that this planet earth is a lot older because scientists can´t be right if they say earth is 3 times as old like the complete universe. This earth has to be at least 10 times older like scientists tell you. They lie so nobody will ask what was going on in the not existing time. I found out that the missing link between dinosaurs and birds must be the dragons because the dragons are a mix of bird and reptile. Also I found out the all these old castles with high walls got builded so no dragons and dinosaurs get to close. And so they killed about 700 to 800 years the dinosaurs and dragons because they were to dangerous. Just a few of them they used for big events like fights with dragons to show how good the best fighters on horses were and the kings and queens told artists to make paintings of these events. Thats what humans found in all older cultures. But the elite doesn´t want you to know this.
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