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Message Subject The Lost Times Of The Earth (Giants, Dinosaurs, Dragons, ET´s, Reptilians, Time Travel, Illuminatis))
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Also columbus and others found on islands humans with heads of birds and cats and columbus and other historical hiughly important people wrote this in their reports and made paintings of these people with cat and bird heads, but nobody talks or writes these days about it.

Further they wrote that they used these mythological looking beings from the islands and put them into some kind of freak show of some circus in england and other countries. But the church said these mythological beings must get killed because they do not fit into the world view of god and the bible.

The church said all mythological beings must be coming from animals having sex with humans and so they must et killed and nobody should ever know about these creatures. So this already could explain why also the older mythological creatures all got killed, because the church said they are coming from bestiality.

But actually they were just coming from times that the church and elite erased from earth by saying that the earth is "younger", and because science supports the elite, nobody will ever find out what creatures existed in the past on earth, but a fact is that mythological creatures are real beings that existed in the old world chapter that got erased from historical data about earth.
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