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Subject Secret of the Illuminati? Two Words ...
Poster Handle I AM ARTHUR
Post Content

Don't Believe It? You will. The only way to come to know that you are in fact dreaming, and therefore come to take control of the dream, is through unconditional love and absolute forgiveness. Forgive yourself - forgive others.

The more LOVE you give, the more you are SHOWN, the more you are allowed to CONTROL your dream.

We are the architects of this world, you are the DREAMER.

"You've been living in a DREAM world, NEO" - Yes, you are the ONE. So is everybody else. Treat them as such and feel yourself become enlightened.


"You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You don't know where this train will take you. But it won't matter, because we'll be together."

It is time to decide what role you wish to play in the epic, blockbuster! Be the HERO you know you are and spread the LOVE!

In Love. In Dream.

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