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Subject Everytime You Put ALL The Blame On Obama Someone Guilty Slips Past And gets Away.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You tards are so predictable. All you want are Obama and Holders Black heads and the rest and justice be damned. But you won't have their Black heads so I get to enjoy your frustration for the next three years.

You could change "Citizens United" but you only care about it it it works AGAINST Republicans, you don't care a bout righteousness of justice and that is what makes the world vulnerable to Sharia Law arguments from muslims.

You could get the corporate and crazy Tea party and Republicans out of office and put in people who will work together and negotiate with democrats but you have ben brainwashed and demoralized by Republicans anti American Government psyops.

Yo could EASILY roll back the Patriot Act by uniting Americans against it but that would mean races coming together and you would rather be a slave than have that.
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