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Message Subject Does The new Superman movie Man Of Steel Feel Anti-Illuminati To You?
Poster Handle anti-Tayyip, anti-fasism
Post Content
Remember the owl-like robot on the spaceship where the reporter followed Superman? It was looking like and owl didn't it? I felt the anti-illuminati thing especially when he saves the journalist from the owl-like robot.
When you mention the skulls that makes sense on both the depopulation front and the skulls and bones club front.

But on the other hand, there were many sun-worshipping scenes as well, especially when Superman was gaining strength, making my anti-illuminati thing biased.

Sun-worshipping is a pagan and has some ties to the illuminati, especially through Ancient Egypt symbolism.

Anyhow, end-of world movies (they are countless) are ALL illuminati propaganda to screw up with people's head. I do not see how Superman could be an exception in such an industry where bid buck movies are all controlled by a few
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