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Message Subject A journal of these Alien/ET related events that have unfolded in my life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you think you are special with it ?
milions of people had similiar experience,
making a big shift in their lives, same as in yours

only do not speak so often and loud of it as you
my only hope is, you will really find out, what it all says to you

do not wait for the real contact
thats only a guide (a vector of your curiosity)
you are here for a reason
& the most important one

its not in the stars
its here

 Quoting: Funney

Can you explain further what you know?.. thank you hf
 Quoting: UntiltheNextLife

of course, i will try to bring some aspects of it to surface:

we have these capabilities for evaluation of nature
(& of many other things) this is the first detail which should "touch" you on your journey

reading in the scheme of your days &
addressing situations happening you on a symbolic sense
is the next step, the next stage of allowing the real one to come forward

its hidden, the fear of not expressing enough is halting the flower to blossom
but still, suns shine and our inner flames were ignited full

your perhaps wonder now, why i use these words,
but really it can not be desribed in the full concept
as old ones before me, we use analogies to bring limits of language to a reasonable usage

if i should generalize much (GLP standard):
all happens only for you (not selfish in a sense)
 Quoting: Funney

Thank you for all of that! Love to you in the highest degree. hfhfhf
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