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Message Subject A journal of these Alien/ET related events that have unfolded in my life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Considering what's been happening not only with our own government, but worldwide. If all this is true, I'd have to question the intentions of the aliens. After supposedly being here for so long and so advanced, they must condone if not facilitate the the beating down of the common person in the world. I can't imagine any "benevolent" advanced society allowing this criminality by the few to the many. Don't bother with the "free will" crap or the Star Trek "non-interference" bull. Those are the easy outs for anyone who just has no clue. Logic dictates that their "concern" for the human race would neccecitate action of some sort, in less than thousands of years . Again, if true....the actions speak for themselves. Our welfare certainly isn't their concern, it appears to be for the "few".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41811148

Good point! If the aliens gave a flying crap about any of us they would kill all the bad guys!!!
 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

So would angels! But they don't. Angels are evil too! God as well, for that matter!


God forbid we grow up without someone holding our hand.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

I love your posts Sept man. can you answer me please.. Do you believe in a God as in a source or origin, a god as in the biblical definition so anthropomorphisised, and human formed in the man's eye or as an infinite something and just a word to describe the indescribable...or something else?
 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

Hello Sir Beercan.

I think IT is a source. That we are all part of what god is. I wholly do not think that God is some bearded fellow passing judgment on us mortals.

We are all these little sparks of divinity within an infinite soup of embodied imagination. Right on with your "just a word to describe the indescribable". I think different areas of the universe (different galaxies, etc) have different forms of sentient life that we would no recognize and could not even imagine. All existing as a part of Source (god). We arise from it. We are 'formed' by a localized version of it within this spiral arm of our galaxy, and infused with 'spirit'/consciousness to allow us to experience what it 'feels' like to be embodied in biology and sensory perception, the Holy Grail being to be fully conscious of our eternal selves while still embodied within our meat bags.

One saying of mine that I like to share in trying to get these ideas across is: Even God has a God.
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