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Message Subject A journal of these Alien/ET related events that have unfolded in my life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In the case of the op he was told of 'royal blood' and special Ancestry, but that's just part of the set up and lie. His blood and biology is in fact no different to the average human.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16418590

You see, Your words are meanenless, do you realize that this information concerning my Blood Anomaly issue was confirmed by a Harvard Doctor and presented on the History Channel, This was not Demons, This was the top doctor from Harvard, Your opinion really doesn't count.

Bill Birnes * (UFO Hunters - History Channel - NY Times Best Selling Author) Revealed Lake Erie Contactee MLH Is A Human/ET "Hybrid"!

Michael Lee Hill captures footage of mysterious orbs of light hovering over Lake Erie -in an area that is a no-fly zone. Did he capture a UFO on tape? The UFO Hunters team looks into the case, and hears Hill's incredible testimony.

On the episode, the UFO Hunters decide to test Michael Lee Hill's blood and it is revealed Michael has a "Unknown" very rare blood anomaly/bloodline that the worlds best military and civilian doctors are at a loss to explain. A harvard doctor uncovered non-normal human elevated levels of Creatine Kinase in Michael's Blood stream.

Creatine Kinase brings oxygen into the bloodstream to usually facilitate healing of torn muscle tissue. Oxygen carrying capacity in blood equals percentage potential of nervous system usage and your bodies over all potential electrical capacitance ability.

"I've got a funny feeling," Bill Birnes told Copeland and Hill during the episode, "that you are being recruited and there is a branch of the government that you're being recruited for - that somehow, some way, you are a hybrid between "ET" and humans."
Here is the link to the actual story STILL up on the History channel website...

[link to www.history.co.uk]

This is not my imagination.

You know that is all I ever really wanted, just to talk about this openly and honestly because I realize how far out of the box all of this sounds, but this is my life, I do not imagine being on the Hisotry Channel and I did not imagine them flying me to Boston, I did not imagine them taking Blood From me and doing various medical tests on me, did not imagine the Harvard doctors conclusion, it's all been already broadcast and is the TRUTH and my reality.

This was only 5 years ago, don't you think I realize for crazy this all sounds? It also happens to be the TRUTH so what is one to do other than choose to be as honest as possible.

So I released this Personal Journal.

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